〔Teaser〕2021 GTI Program Host Organization - WeatherRisk Explore Inc.

12 MARCH 2021

WeatherRisk Explore Inc. is the biggest weather company in Taiwan. Serving clients from a variety of industries such as TV stations, offshore wind farm operators, and even various government agencies.

For the renewable energy sector, they provide services for solar energy and offshore wind energy providers on production forecasts. They work with the government and wind farm operators to monitor bird strikes. Moreover, they collect these datasets and develop their own analytical tools for future forecasts.

This internship is a special collaboration between DisasterRisk Explore Inc. and CTBC Business School. Dr. Chi-Ming Peng welcomes all of you to join them this summer to get an experience at both WeatherRisk Explore Inc. and CTBC Business School.

Join our Global Talent Internship Program, and work with the world leaders in their respective industries!

Teaser - WeatherRisk Explore Inc.

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