〔Teaser〕2021 GTI Program Host Organization - CCU

4 MARCH 2021

National Chung Cheng University (#CCU) is an international research-oriented university.

CCU is an active and competitive university, especially for its teaching in genetic engineering. Their students have won three medals in the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM) hosted by MIT over the past three years. CCU was also selected by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education to be the first 13 Green Universities.

Moreover, there are several top-ranking research centers in Taiwan that were established by CCU. For example, the newly established Indo-Taiwan Joint Research Center on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has been instrumental in facilitating the academia-industry collaborations between the two countries.

CCU welcomes all highly motivated students to join them!

Join our #MOSTGASE Global Talent Internship Program to get a chance to research at National Chung Cheng University!

Teaser - CCU

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