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This year, due to the COVID-19, 2020 MOST GASE Global Talent Internship Program was conducted virtually. The online meeting platform we used – U Meeting was sponsored by CyberLink. They provided us with several pro accounts, which made all our activities from orientation week such as: Opening, Featured Speeches, and Mandarin Course. Furthermore, through U Meeitng, all participants and supervisors of this program overcame geographical barrier during the internship, we were all linked together because of Cyberlink. This fully represents our slogan of the year: Together we learn, unitedly apart!

Nowadays, video conferencing is an indispensable communication tool for business people and home office workers. If you hold video conferences regularly, you must have encountered the following problems: multi-person conferences cannot start as scheduled, cumbersome installation and setting steps, and poor audio and video quality. With U Conference, these problems can be easily solved. No matter when and where you are, or what kind of device you use, you can immediately have multi-person, high-quality video conferences with your work partners or customers.

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【Forward】經濟日報|訊連U會議 獲科技部全球事務與科學發展中心採用
【Forward】經濟日報|訊連U會議獲科技部採用 助線上跨國交流

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