〔News〕2020 Virtual GTI Program Closing Ceremony: The Journey is yet to Start !

26 AUGUST 2020

The 2020 TAIWAN Virtual Global Talent Internship (GTI) Program, organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (MOST GASE) came to a successful ending.

GASE overcame the barriers posed by the epidemic and brought a complete 7-week online internship for students around the world, this made the 2020 GTI Program a successful international summer internship program held by the MOST.

                                                         ▲ Mr. Johnny Wu, CEO of MOST GASE, hosted the closing ceremony of the 2020 TAIWAN Virtual Global Talent Internship Program

Aiming to nurture global talents interested in sciences, MOST GASE GTI Program selected young people from various countries who are interested in scientific research to come to Taiwan and work in some of the best labs in the country. This year, due to the emergence of COVID-19, all program activities were conducted online, including featured speeches, cultural activities (Taipei Longshan Temple Tour), Mandarin courses, and lab meetings. Although the virtual internship is faced with many challenges, such as internet latency and time differences, MOST GASE still managed to deliver the “best Taiwan experience” to our program participants.

                                                                               ▲ Both supervisors and Interns learnt plenty from the GTI Program

In this year’s GTI Progam, a total of 20 outstanding young talents from 6 countries have completed the internship. Among them, Emily Chen from the United States joined the wind farm developer EnBW Asia Pacific, a subsidiary of the German EnBW Group. Her research focused on the FORMOSA III project in the offshore area of ​​Changhua County. Chen felt that it was a fruitful experience, and hopes to come to Taiwan one day to see the projects she helped develop.

An intern from Vietnam, Ho Duc Hieu, joined Prof. Jack Baltes’ research team of the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan Normal University to compete in the 2020 FIRA RoboWorld Cup. He hopes to come to Taiwan to study advanced robotics in the future.

               ▲ Dr. Chih-Peng Chu, Director General of Department of International Cooperation & Science Education, MOST, welcomes the students to join the global talent community in Taiwan

Dr. Chih-Peng Chu, Director General of Department of International Cooperation & Science Education of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan pointed out that through the GTI Program, the participants can have the opportunity to better understand Taiwan’s innovative R&D power, and create an academic linkage with their peers and mentor through the  hands-on internship experience.

Director-General Chu encouraged the students to consider Taiwan on their path to becoming future leaders in sciences and technology. Taiwan will always welcome them with open arms if they would like to pursue further education, or become a working professional in Taiwan.

                                                                                   ▲ Dr. Hsiao-Wei Yuan, Director of MOST GASE, congratulates the students for completing of program

Dr. Hsia-Wei Yuan, Director of MOST GASE, first congratulated the students for successfully completing their internship. She was deeply impressed by the dedication and perseverance of the participants during the program.

Continuing with the theme of this year's summer program: "Artificial Intelligence" and "Green Technology", next year's MOST GTI Program will focus on the topics of “Green Technology (Sustainability)” and “Biotechnology (Smart Healthcare)”. In her concluding remarks, Director Yuan encourages the students to spread the words about this internship opportunity to their friends and colleagues.

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