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Introduction of LCI

The ECCT in 2011 spearheaded the Low Carbon Initiative (LCI) to introduce the European Union (EU) policies and showcase the best European low carbon solutions across a broad range of industries, to raise awareness about sustainable development and promote the adoption of low carbon solutions in order to help Taiwan to reduce its carbon emissions.



The Low Carbon Initiative, supervised by the LCI Steering Committee, has the following three platforms and six categories:

LCI Steering Committee
Advocacy, Standards & Certification | Best Practices & European Solutions | CSR & Education
  1. Advocate and promote European and international standards. Issue publications.
  2. Showcase solutions and best practices from LCI member companies. Experience sharing with Taiwan government agencies and local industry.
  3. Raise awareness of low carbon solutions. Educate Taiwan public on how to achieve a low carbon society.

Green Energy

Green Mobility

Green Financing

Smart Cities

Smart Manufacturing

Circular Economy

1. Advocacy

This platform focuses on promoting European standards to advance low carbon technology and solutions in Taiwan. Under the platform, the LCI has published three reports in 2012, 2015, and 2018. Click HERE for the publications.

2. Best Practices

This platform showcases the best practices from the EU and a broad range of industries to foster positive mutual collaboration with all stakeholders in Taiwan.

3. CSR & Education

This platform aims to raise awareness about low carbon solutions and educate the public about how to go about achieving a low carbon society.

4. Six categories

The LCI in 2017, based on Taiwan’s policy movement and the LCI members’ core competencies, set up six categories under the existing 3 platforms.

Contact Us

For collaboration or LCI general inquiries, please contact:

Sammy Su, Director, ECCT LCI
886-2-2740-0236 ext. 227

About the ECCT

About the ECCT With over US$50 billion in direct foreign investments, European businesses are collectively the largest group of foreign investors in Taiwan. The European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan is the largest foreign nationwide business chamber in Taiwan and the principal organisation promoting European business interests in Taiwan. The chamber represents over 900 members from 400 companies and organisations. Through a network of 30 industry and support committees, the ECCT has been successful in addressing specific concerns and providing concrete recommendations to all levels of government to facilitate improving the business environment. The ECCT annually publishes a series of position papers that comprise issues identified by its committees as hindering the further development of their respective industries and provide recommendations to the government of Taiwan for improvement of the business environment on general issues as well as industry-specific problems. They also serve to keep the European Commission and parliament as well as the governments of individual European countries informed about Taiwan’s business environment.