The official application will open on 21st December 2020 and close on 26th March 2021

Please apply through the applicaiton platform by clicking the "Application" page.
The page will be available from 21st December 2020.

Preference is given to applicants with the following qualifications:
  • Students currently enrolled in graduate school (Master & PhD students) or university students (3rd year or above) with research experience. 
  • Working professional is NOT eligible to join this program. 
  • Passport holders of People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, or Macau are NOT eligible to apply; HOWEVER, people from aforementioned areas with dual citizenship may apply with foreign passport.
  • People who obtained passport of Taiwan (Republic of China) and NEVER have household registration (戶籍) in Taiwan (Republic of China) are eligible to apply by using foreign passport.
  • Current degree seeking students, exchange and visiting students in Taiwanese educational institutions are NOT eligible to apply.

Yes, freshly graduated students are eligible to apply for this program. 
Please upload your latest diploma when you submit your application through the online system.

You could upload your "proof of admissions" for the Master/ PhD. program at your university as an alternative to the proof of enrollment.

Preference is given to students currently enrolled in graduate school (Master and PhD students) and university students (third year or above) with research experience. First and second year undergraduate students are also eligible to apply for the program as long as you demonstrate strong ressearch interest or research experience.
We recommend you to at least have an English proficiency level of CEFR B2 level, but it is not a required document for application.

You need to submit a research proposal regarding what you want to investigate.

This document along with other materials will be first reviewed by GASE. And if you're qualified, we will let you fill out the preference list. You will be able to choose supervisors by your preference. And we will send your documents to those supervisors of your choice according to your preference list. They will review your research proposal and other documents to decide if you are accepted or not. If you're not accepted, your documents will be sent to the next preference. 

You must submit at least one recommendation letter. And there is no limit to the maximum. However, NOTE that the quality of the recommendation letter is more important to the quantity.

The additional subsidy has increased because of the quarantine period, which will be a total of TWD 56,250 offered by MOST GASE.

No, the subsidy will be divided in two parts and will be issued in the first week and in the last week of the program.
The subsidy will be issue in cash and in New Taiwan Dollars.

The minimum duration of the visa will cover your entire internship program. The exact length depends on the decision made by your local Taiwanese mission (embassy/consulate/office).

  • Normal Food Price NT$80-100
  • Medium Food Price NT$100-300
  • High Food Price NT$400up

*The price will vary from place to place. 

We won’t provide you SIM card, you need to buy it yourself. If you haven’t bought it in your country, we will assist you to buy one in Taiwan. 
Accommodation during 28 June – 4 July (6 nights) & 23 -25 August (2 nights) will be provided by MOST GASE. Students will have to find their own accommendation for the remaining dates using the subsidy provided by MOST GASE.
Mandarin skill is not required for this program. The working language of the program is English.
It will be a basic Mandarin course for all. We won’t group students on the basis of competency.
The final presentations are for students and supervisors of this program. The supervisors will give feedbacks after the presentations.
We will only provide students who fully attended GTI Program with a proof of attendance.

We will send out the survey to investigate personal dietary preference asap in order to send it to the hotel for you.

Yes, and it is included in the housing fee.

No, you will have to stay in a designated quarantine hotel according to the regulations issued by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

No, you will have to stay in a single room according to the regulations issued by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) is currently discussing the possibility to reduce the quarantine period for those who are vaccinated. However, we can not guarantee that they will ease the restrictions by the time you'll enter Taiwan.

Yes. MOST GASE is only responsible for your accommodation fee between 22 June – 1 July. However, we will help arrange your housing during the quarantine and self-health management period when you arrive.

You can meet with people after your quarantine. However, you cannot dine in a restaurant nor going to a place that full of people during your self-health management (7 days after quarantine).