2021 MOST Global Talent Internship Program

In present day, the environment is racing towards the tipping point where we would have done permanent damage to the planet earth. The year 2020 has brought unforeseen challenges to the earth, which placed our entire world at halt, and is still awaiting recovery. However, it is also the year that has also brought massive technological advancements, specifically in the areas of Green Technology (Sustainability) and Biotechnology (Smart Healthcare). Taiwan has and continues to work tirelessly to find solutions for climate problems. On the other hand, Taiwan has done an exceptional job in minimizing the impacts of the pandemic in the country. With that said, for the 2021 GTI program focus on the topics of Green Technology (Sustainability) and Biotechnology (Smart Healthcare). We hope that by sharing our pioneering technology achievements with aspiring talents could bring out more ideas to inspire the next generation of tech leaders, and for them to work together for a more efficient and sustainable future.


Green Technology (Sustainability) & Biotechnology (Smart Healthcare)


28 June – 25 August, 2021

Four Highlights


To build professional networks and engage in multidisciplinary research, participants will be assigned to different leading universities, national research labs in Taiwan. Aside from academic research, participants will have the option to intern in selected partner corporations to gain practical experience in the professional work environment.

Through peer-to-peer learning, participants will receive guidance and career-related advice from experienced professionals, and have the opportunity to work with local students as well as fellow program participants. Our program mentorship allows them to enhance professional skill sets to pursue their successful career path.

02 FEATURED SPEECHES by distinguished scholars and experts

To prepare participants with comprehensive background knowledge of the focus topics, the program offers introductory lectures by distinguished scholars and experts from Green Technology and Biotechnology fields.

03 CORPORATE VISITS practical learning & professional experiences

Exclusive visits to some of Taiwan’s prominent corporations offer participants a special insight to Taiwan’s innovative industries. Through face-to-face conversation with outstanding entrepreneurs and scientists, this insider experience will help bring the theoretical training into practical learning for the participants.

CULTURAL EXPERIENCES embrace the beauty of Taiwan

To help our participants fully embrace the local culture and explore the beauty of Taiwan, special Mandarin courses on basic conversations and a wide range of cultural activities will be arranged.